A total of 24 women over 40 years in age were treated with bipolar RF equipment (Profound; Candela Medical) during a single session. Biopsy samples were taken from 12 patients, and microscopy images related to the immediate effects of RF and the changes observed four months after treatment were examined. Blind independent evaluators assessed treatment results by comparing before and after photographs. Both subjects and evaluators completed satisfaction questionnaires. 

Immediate lysis of adipocytes in submental fat was observed, as well as an increase in density and compaction of elastin and collagen fibers four months post treatment. On average, there was a 30% reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, furrows and folds, and 20% improvement of the neck silhouette. Photographic signs of aging improved significantly in the face and the neck. 

The mean patient satisfaction score was 8.3/10 and mean therapist satisfaction score was 9.3/10. The adverse effects noted were mild and temporary and no complications were observed.