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Treat Under Eyes with PRP

PRP for under-eyes is a non-surgical all-natural regenerative treatment that uses the growth factors in an individual's own blood to rejuvenate the under eye area. This cosmetic procedure provides skin benefits, such as reducing fine lines, under-eye pigmentation, treating crow’s feet, replacing volume loss and more for under eye skin treatment.

Microneedling with PRP Under Eyes

PRP with microneedling is a popular technique to treat patients under eyes for dark circles, bags, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and more.  Compared to fillers, PRP is a less risky natural treatment. The PRP enhances the microneedling benefits, while virtually eliminating any side effects, since the PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood.

Does PRP under eyes hurt?

As like many other microneedling treatments patients may feel some discomfort. It is important to use a numbing cream, to minimize the patient’s sensitivity to the procedure.

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PRP for Dark Circles

PRP under eyes is an effective method to treat dark circles. Depending on the patient's age and skin type, this treatment can leave the skin looking better for 12+ months. Since the PRP will create more collagen and blood vessels, it will thicken the skin where the dark circles rest. This produces a healthier skin structure under the eyes.

To see best results many patients opt to use a post-procedure under eye mask for 30 minutes providing additional hydration, repairing and more.