Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Ranco Cucamonga

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

What happens to our hormones as we age?

As a man ages, his body naturally makes less testosterone. In fact, by the time a man is in his mid-forties, testosterone levels can be down by 40%. Lifestyle factors such as excessive stress, weight gain, and lack of exercise can lower levels even further – impacting stamina, sex drive, virility, and bone strength, and potentially leading to chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and even heart disease. A study published in Circulation Journal demonstrated that low testosterone may be a predictive marker for those at high risk of cardiovascular disease.


As a woman ages, testosterone may affect her: ovarian function (causing irregular periods), facial hair growth, bone strength, and libido. Both men’s and women’s sex organ functions require just the right balance of estrogen and testosterone – and that perfect balance may be different for each individual, depending on age, genetics, diet, lifestyle as well as various environmental and health factors. That’s why testosterone balancing is a highly customized procedure, and our practitioners tune in to your unique, and often subtle requirements before beginning it.


What are the signs of low testosterone?

Some signs of low testosterone are the same in men and women


Warning signs of male testosterone imbalance include:

  • low libido

  • erectile dysfunction

  • infertility

  • low sperm count

  • loss of body hair

  • poor concentration and memory

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • decreased energy, motivation, or self-confidence

  • reduced physical performance and muscle mass

  • increased body fat



Warning signs of female testosterone imbalance include:

  • irregular or absent periods

  • excess body or facial hair

  • depression

  • acne or oily skin

  • increased muscle mass

  • decreased breast size

  • deepening voice

  • chronic fatigue

  • low libido

If you have these symptoms, speak with one of our specialists to diagnose or rule out any other underlying medical conditions before discussing testosterone supplementation.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical means molecularly identical to the body’s natural hormones. Unlike conventional hormone replacement, BHRT applies testosterone produced from natural plant sources like yams and soybeans, which match human hormones molecule by molecule, alleviating risks and side effects that make synthetic chemical hormones problematic.

The only way to determine whether you need bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is through laboratory testing. There are specific lab panels we can order for you here at FBA to access your base hormone levels.

How is hormone level testing performed?


Blood test!

Before undergoing a blood test, tell your practitioner if you take any medications, as they may affect your results. Then he or she will insert a needle into your vein, withdrawn a blood sample, and send it to a lab for close analysis.